If you have a great experience, what do you want to do? Tell people. And if it’s exciting enough, they tell other people. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, and it travels fast, especially today with the upsurge of social media. We get people talking by interweaving creativity with technology to create WOW experiences that engage, educate and motivate, sparking conversations that drive business. Be the conversation. We’ll show you how.


When people say, "The sky's the limit"; We say no it's not. With Experiential Design there are no limits. We are experiential designers who defy limitations, transforming spaces into sensory journeys of discovery. Whether it’s a school, museum, retail center, corporate or healthcare setting, you name it— we’ll turn your space into an immersive environment that engages people mentally, emotionally and physically. We call it “doing the impossible.” Our clients call it success.

Services: Museum and Visitor Center Visioning and Design, Exhibit Design, Branded Corporate Environments, Technology Integration, Content Development, Game Design

The Brillion School District recognized the need to change the rules of learning and tap into a child's natural ability to learn by discovery, so they decided to create a space that would open up even more possibilities. To bring their vision to life, Brillion came to Cineviz to help them re-imagine an unused gymnasium into an exciting, engaging learning environment.

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How do you build a family-friendly, memory-making experience around cute little pigs that will eventually become part of the family dinner? This is the challenge Cineviz faced when designing and engineering the educational and entertaining exhibits for The Pig Adventure at Fair Oaks Farm in Indiana.

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Everyone knows Wisconsin is the Dairy State. But not many know that it’s also the third largest potato-growing state. That was the challenge The Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Growers Association had for Cineviz—make Wisconsinites forget about those other potato states and get them excited about finding the best potatoes in their own backyard.

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Anyone can hang a digital sign on a wall. But without engaging content, it's simply a black box. Well, you're not just anyone, and neither are we. We have digital signs. The difference is we see the potential hidden inside. We release it with a Visual Communications strategy that transforms digital signage into a powerful communications solution that connects with your audience. Use technology wisely, focus on content, and the box disappears.

SERVICES: Digital Signage/Wayfinding, EGD Integration, Design and Engineering, A/V Capabilities, Network Hardware and Software, Content Strategy and Management


After extensive research on quality, service, pricing structure and innovation, Cineviz chose the industry leader, Four Winds Interactive, as our partner in Visual Communication Solutions.
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Cineviz is the official media partner of the KI Convention Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 
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With a commitment to making Green Bay, Wisconsin a Midwest destination for conferences and events, the KI Convention Center remodeled to expand to nearly 80,000 square feet. The City of Green Bay partnered with Cineviz to ensure that visual communications within the newly remodeled facility reflected its innovative, new image and kept pace with opportunities event planners had only previously been afforded at Convention Centers in major metropolitan areas.

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Tyco Fire Protection Products built a reputation for developing breakthrough solutions and leveraging technology to meet customer needs. So when it came time to open a Technology Center and remodel the corporate lobby in Marinette, Wisconsin, the company was determined to make an unforgettable first impression for visitors that matched its innovative brand image.

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When Prevea Health wanted an efficient way to communicate on a broader scale at their corporate office and at their partner fitness center across town, they turned to Cineviz.

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Let's first make something clear. We are not event planners nor are we a traditional ad agency. We are partners who create customized Event Experiences that add the “Wow” to your well-laid plan. Challenge us! Bring us your wildly imaginative ideas, and say, "Turn this into an event experience no one will ever forget." Fist bump. High-five. Yes! We'll engineer an original, interactive experience that turns brand awareness into brand belonging. And you become the hero.

SERVICES: Custom Brand experiences, Experiential activations, Turnkey rentals.


Cineviz has a wide range of AV equipment and Turnkey Event Experiences available for rent. Call us to find out more about our Interactive Grafitti Wall and Cube.

KI, one of the biggest names in the commercial furniture industry had a hot new product they wanted to launch at NeoCon, one of the largest and most important trade shows in their industry. KI challenged Cineviz to showcase the new product in a way that would outshine all competitors and highlight KI's innovative brand.

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NVIDIA, a leader in graphics processing units for the gaming market, needed a unique and engaging way to create excitement over a new product – the NVIDIA SHIELD. The product was being launched at PAX East 2013. Dojo Agency in San Francisco challenged Cineviz with the task. We determined that an experience based on human behavior at trade shows – the insatiable demand for freebies – was going to create the excitement they were looking for with a crowd that wasn’t easily impressed. But instead of just handing out t-shirts and bags, Cineviz turned NVIDIA giveaways into wearable product demos using Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Whenever the green controller was detected, it would randomly display a video stream in the nearby monitor creating a buzz throughout the facility and the desire for the NVIDIA Shield branded t-shirts.

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Chase Bank was looking for a unique way to publicize its 1% Cash Back Freedom Card promotion to a diverse audience in a retail setting. The challenge GMR Marketing presented to Cineviz was to get Ben, the Chase Freedom guy, in as many malls at the same time.

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Content rules in any experience we create. What is it you want to say? What do you want people to hear, feel, remember? Give us these answers, and we integrate content and technology for a seamless experience that makes a personal connection like nothing else can. We create "I want to know more" experiences through award-winning copywriting and design, 3-D animation, motion graphics, video and interactive experiences. And we do it for multi-lingual languages.

SERVICES: Mobile, Web applications, Video production, Animation, illustrations, print, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mix Reality, Holographic, Gamification, Gestural, Motion Graphics

Amerex Corporation, a global leader in the commercial fire protection industry, had just developed the COBRA commercial kitchen fire protection system to go head-to-head with a competitor that owned a lion's share of the marketplace. Now, it was launch time and Amerex challenged Cineviz to come up with a launch that would knock the competition off its pedestal.

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Airing throughout the new KI Convention Center’s Visual Communication Network is a wealth of creative content, developed by Cineviz that showcases all that Green Bay has to offer, including vibrant video montages called “Green Bay Life.”

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Promotion Group West, a leading experiential marketing firm, came to Cineviz to help them strengthen a solution for their client, Gatorade. Gatorade was looking for an engaging customer experience that not only tied seamlessly with its Win From Within campaign, but also would lend itself to social media sharing

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