What if we could capture the imagination of a child? Or harness his curiosity? Where would it take us? Most likely into a future of endless possibilities. The Brillion School District recognizes the need to change the rules of learning and tap into a child’s natural ability to learn by discovery. Through its STEM program, students in Brillion, as young as kindergarten, have been excited every day about science, technology, engineering and math. So they decided to create a space that would open up even more possibilities to grow these young minds to become our future visionaries and world changers. To bring their vision to life, Brillion came to Cineviz to help them re-imagine an unused gymnasium into an exciting, engaging learning environment, where elementary students can solve complex problems and learn the way they do best through exploration, investigation and discovery.

The Brillion STEM Learning Project truly has been a labor of love for us as well, as we’ve seen a static environment come to life and visualize the incredible impact this space is going to make on the leaders of tomorrow.


  • Experiential Design
  • Exhibit Design
  • Copywriting
  • Content - Branding
  • Video Production - Animation
  • Technology

A Drean Come True

Exploration Station 3D Visualization
Fundraising Video: Changing the Rules of Learning


 "We are really fortunate here in Brillion to have a lot of people really invested in education. Thank you for all your help, enthusiasm, and creative vision that you brought to this project."

- Steve Meyer, Brillion STEM Teacher

 "The ability to provide a virtual tour of the space was key to our fundraising efforts. There was no model for this type of classroom. The ability for donors to 'get inside' the space helped generate excitement and create momentum for the project."

- Dan Ariens, Chairman & CEO of Ariens Company

 "Anybody that walks in this facility is absolutely mesmerized and taken aback by how epic it is as an elementary classroom. I don't know of too many other places that have done what we did and I just want to thank Cineviz for playing a part in that."

- Dominick Madison, Superintendent at Brillion Public Schools

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