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Event Marketing
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Experiential Marketing

Underwater exploration without getting wet? Blowing up your favorite co-worker on your cell phone or unleashing your inner graffiti artist without getting into trouble? Don’t let anyone tell you those scenarios are impossible. The Renaissance wouldn’t have happened if any of the “rebirth masters” accepted the impossible.

Say hello to today’s possible impossible: experiential marketing. It allows your target audience to engage and interact with your brand, product or service in ways that involve one or all of your senses. Personal experiences with your brand is what helps to build and deepen that connection. That sense of personal involvement and identifying with your brand not only helps drive sales, but more importantly, increases your brand image, awareness and loyalty.

Experiential marketing is the difference between telling people about features of a product or service and letting them experience the benefits for themselves. Creating brand experiences that truly touch hearts and move minds involves a sophisticated, carefully orchestrated mix of technology, strategy, content creation, design and as and when required, cultural insight and expertise.

The appreciable difference in working with Cineviz is that we do it all. And we’re phenomenal in every area.

Excellence In Every Sense

Strategic Circles


Marketing and branding is the core of what we do. It requires that oft talked about but hard to find right brain, left brain balance. Thankfully for us, we hit the jackpot with the strategically creative or is it creatively strategic people who work here. Our integrated approach is centered on creating unforgettably engaging solutions that deliver results – the ROIs as well as the intangibles like brand connection and loyalty.


Experiential marketing is all about engaging the senses. The first sense that’s almost always involved is sight. Visual imagery provides your brand that instant opportunity to build a sensory experience with your customer.

Design at Cineviz extends from graphic design to design custom products and displays. Whatever form our design takes on, we believegreat design can only come from a deep understanding of the target audience’s emotion and rational drivers. It’s that critical insight that allows design to speak to its intended audience and move them. We call that wordless eloquence.

Content Creation

Technology, amazing as it is, becomes mind-boggling spectacular when paired with intelligent, creative and highly visual content. With Cineviz, you have techies that are as comfortable creating content as they are developing custom software and hardware. From design to dynamic content authoring, 3-D animation to video production, post production to motion graphics, Cineviz is your comprehensive single source.

International Services

Cultural sensitivity and understanding are vital elements of any global branding and marketing effort. Your brand and message needs to be conveyed consistently across all markets and cultures.

Whether it’s a US produced corporate video, TV commercial or mobile application, if it needs to be adapted for use in Mongolia, Russia, Brazil and Indonesia, Cineviz is the answer. We work closely with renowned culture and language experts, Quicksilver Translate out of Barcelona, Spain to ensure that is culturally appropriate for its intended market. Together, we’re able to produce global marketing material that look and feel like they were produced locally.


We’re geeks and we’re proud of it. We’re probably some of the luckiest people because we don’t consider what we do work. It’s really play and we have some of the coolest toys around to tinker with and make even better. Did we mention we’re technology agnostic when it comes to crafting solutions? We’ll mix and match any or all relevant technologies to create and deliver a unique, un-biddable experience.